Campus Safety

鶹Ƶ has the expertise and resources needed to keep you safe.

鶹Ƶ police car is parked in the alley at metro campus with blue and red lights flashing.

鶹Ƶ Police

鶹Ƶ Police provides an environment conducive to protection, safety, and public service for a culturally diverse college community. Get to know the officers that serve on your campus.

鶹Ƶ Police
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Civil Rights Compliance & Title IX

鶹Ƶ is committed to establishing a safe and healthy environment for its students, employees, and visitors.

Title IX
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Public Health

鶹Ƶ Public Health provides guidance about public health scenarios affecting our students, faculty, and staff. This includes but is not limited to COVID-19 information.

Public Health
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Emergency Procedures & Preparedness

鶹Ƶ is committed to keeping our students, employees, and visitors' safety at the top of our priorities.

Emergency Management
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AACC Leadership, Safety, & Planning Award Winner

鶹Ƶ Named Top Community College