Facilities & Spaces on Campus

These additional supporting facilities and student spaces offer specialized instruction and support to our students.

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Student Success Centers

Embark on a journey of academic excellence at our Student Success Centers. These hubs are dedicated to empowering students, providing resources, and fostering a culture of success. From tutoring to career guidance, our centers are here to support you.

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More than a place for textbooks, the 鶹Ƶ Bookstore is a one-stop-shop for all your academic needs. Find course materials, 鶹Ƶ merchandise, and essential resources to enhance your community college experience.

FACET Center

Discover a vibrant hub for student success at the FACET Center. Located in the round Enterprise building at Northeast Campus, it's more than a space—it's your resource for free tutoring, computer assistance, study spaces, and academic support.

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Study Hours & Spaces

Discover your perfect study sanctuary at 鶹Ƶ. Tailored for both solitary focus and collaborative exploration, our study hours and spaces cater to diverse learning styles.

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Y@鶹Ƶ Fitness Centers

Nurture a healthy mind and body at the Y@鶹Ƶ Fitness Centers. Equipped with cutting-edge facilities, these centers provide a space for physical well-being, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle.

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Front of the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity.

Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity

The Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity anchors downtown Tulsa’s southern corridor, filling the Boston Avenue urban canyon with creative energy, and providing integrated outdoor spaces for students and the community.

Visit the Thomas K. McKeon Center for Creativity.
blue and white tcc single engine plane sits parked in front of the 鶹Ƶ Riverside Aviation Center.

Riverside Community Campus & Aviation Center

The new 鶹Ƶ Riverside Community Campus and Aviation Center is designed to fuel the growth of Tulsa’s aeronautical industry. 鶹Ƶ offers general education and aviation classes at this facility located near Jenks at the Tulsa Riverside Airport.

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parking log view of 鶹Ƶ's Vantrease Performing Arts Center for Education

VanTrease Performing Arts Center for Education

The VanTrease PACE's performance hall, adjoining classrooms, and stage production laboratories house 鶹Ƶ's performing arts programs and the Signature Symphony at 鶹Ƶ, a professional orchestra operating under college auspices.

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鶹Ƶ Education Outreach Center building viewed from the parking lot.

Education Outreach Center

The 鶹Ƶ Outreach Center is a place for anyone to learn more about 鶹Ƶ and includes a bilingual staff to make the transition to College easy for people who are learning English as a second language.

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鶹Ƶ Nate Waters Physical Therapy Clinic Building Front.

Nate Waters Physical Therapy Clinic

The Nate Waters Physical Therapy Clinic at 鶹Ƶ provides a clinical setting for students in the Physical Therapist Assistant Program at 鶹Ƶ. Students get hands-on learning experiences offering reduced cost physical therapy services for adults and children who are uninsured or underinsured in the Tulsa area.